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Winter Veil has Arrived!

December 15, 2008

At 6am server time the Feast of Winter Veil rolls out across the WoW realms……and its my freakin’ favorite time of the year! 

Dive into the holiday spirit and /kiss a reveler, or complete one of the many Winter Veil quests during this multi-week long seasonal event. You can pick up a few of these quests from the folks of Smokywood Pastures, as well as Greatfather Winter himself in Ironforge.  And now is the time to stock up on a variety of that delectable Smokywood fare.

Last but not least, Winter Veil is the season for giving. As the  25th quickly approaches, take some time to get a little something for those who mean much to you on that special day. Winter Veil gifts don’t have to be rare drops or purple items. They can be as big or as small as you want. Gifts can be as simple as some health potions for that busy adventurer, or maybe even a zeppelin kit from the toy store in Dalaran. I believe, though, that nothing is as special as a hand-crafted gift. Please remember that, no matter what, its the thought that counts. And don’t forget on the 25th Greatfather Winter may have a little something under the tree for you /wink !



Server Queue? Really? Where?

December 5, 2008
Borley's minions waiting in line

Borley's minions waiting in line

First of all, thanks to all the people who jumped ship on Bloodhoof. Nice knowin ya. However, there’s one person in particular who we didn’t want to leave who we really want back, though. Get your butt back here! The water’s fine.

In what sounds like off topic news, but is actually pretty cool, did you hear that one of the head honchos on Obama’s FCC transition team is a Warcraft player? No joke.

Kevin Werbach will probably be pushing for policies that will be vital to gamers like widely available and affordable broadband. Less issues with Blizzard’s servers? Maybe not. Less issues with your own Internet connection in the coming months? Most likely.

Congratulations Murrin!

December 1, 2008


Congratulations to Murrin (better known as Myelae or just Mye) on being the first member of the Council of the Sword to reach level 80! That’s quite an achievement!

Murrin reached level 80 last night, and I’m sure that Myelae will catch up quickly.


Happy Turkey Day

November 25, 2008

The Council wishes you a Happy Turkey Day! In honor of that, make sure you get the Friend or Fowl achievement. It’s a blast.

The best place to earn this achievement is in the same place you do the Ransacked Caravan quest, just west of the Explorer’s League Outpost in the Howling Fjord. It’s a place where 3 roads come together.

I found out about the achievement by trying to do the Ransacked Caravan quest. I was trying to catch some turkeys when some Tauren Turkey was killing all of them. After yelling out “Stop killing my freaking turkeys!”, which I’m sure came out to him like “ROK TEK GLOK SCHMO MOK!”, my lovely wife reminded me that there was an achievement for killing a bunch of turkeys in 3 minutes. She completed it with ease by smiting them. It took me a little longer since pallys don’t have much in the way of ranged attacks.

So in honor of Turkey Day: Save a Tauren, kill a turkey.


Exclusive Warcraft Cheat Codes and Secrets!

October 28, 2008

  • The Headless Horseman Mount: After passing 800 times on the Ring of Ghoulish Delight, type in /cry.
  • 20,000 Alliance PvP Honor Points: As soon as you enter your battleground, type /afk and walk away. Do this 20,000 times. Apparently, this one’s not such a secret, as it’s done way too often.
  • Pull off a one-shot on Murmur: Come back to Shadow Labs at level 90 after the third expansion, Wrath of Hello Kitty.
  • Free Succubus: If you can sit through the entire movie Succubus: Hell Bent without gouging your eyes out, you’ll receive a free limited edition Succubus doll. It was on Showtime the other day, and I lasted about 5 minutes. (Seriously though, the movie producers had to be WoW players, because the lead role had an eerie resemblance to the WoW pet). Oh yeah, BAD MOVIE ALERT: Gary Busey is in it!
  • For a good pick-me-up to make you feel better about your WoW skills, type this “/target Borley” then “/duel”.
  • For a free pirated copy of the new Warcraft movie, click here! Sorry, no subtitles.
  • Join the coolest guild in the world:Type in /gquit, then /w Borley “Hey, can I join your guys’ guild?”

How To Find A Pug

September 30, 2008

Over and over, I’ve seen some horrible attempts to find that elusive 4th and 5th person in the looking for group channel.  On the flip side, my guildies can attest that I can usually find someone pretty quickly. Here’s some tips on how to do the same.

  1. Be specific.You need to say a little bit more than “Need one more for BRD.” Do you need DPS, crowd control, a healer, or a tank? Also, if you’re at the last boss, you might want to mention that since most people will be looking for a fresh run.
  2. Don’t be too specific.This is especially true in most 5-man instances. “Need a human holy pally who also has blessing of kings, healbot, 1400+ bonus heals, and epic gear to heal deadmines.” Sounds like overkill, but I’ve seen similar things said before. Keep in mind that there’s more than one class/spec for each role.
  3. Use the looking for group/looking for more screen. You can choose which instance you’re running and see other players who are looking to join the same group. Put in the comments field what type of player you need, and people will come find you. This will also put you in the looking for group channel.
  4. Spelling things out rules over abbreviations.I know most of the abbreviations, but sometimes I feel like I need a freaking glossary to understand some of the garbage that gets said in the looking for group channel. Try and interpret this: “LF2M 4 SP. CC/DPS, & G2G. PST IN 2 MIN I BRB. MUST #2 FTW!”
  5. Don’t spam the damn channel over and over.Yes, we know your “Healer bailed cuz a bird one-shotted her. Need help bad in Sethek Halls!” We also knew that the first 14 times you said it.
  6. Be ready to go. Be at the meeting stone or close by when you try and recruit. Nothing is more annoying than joining a group that takes 30 minutes to get to the instance.
  7. Be original. When you’re stuck, try something different. Feel free to use some of my favorite group recruiting quotes:

“If you’re looking for a good time, call my mom. If you’re looking for a Mana Tombs run, send me a tell. Need a healer. Thanks!”

“Need a tank for a kick-ass ramparts run. You shall die with honor!”

“Need a DPS for a Shadow Labs run. Must have gray gear or better.”

I use these when I’m getting desperate and the group is about to fall apart. Usually, I get way more tells that way, anyway. Someone even told me this once, “You know, I was about to log off, but I’ll join your group just for that quote. LOL.” That person even ended up joining our guild after the run. Best pug I ever found.


Get Your Drink On: Brewfest ’08

September 23, 2008

To everything thing there is a season: a time to be born, a time to die, and a time to drink BEER!

Unfortunately, I missed out on Talk Like a Pirate Day. Much to my dismay, when I went to get my costume, they were all out. But wait; an event had just started that would make the guys at the Grim Guzzler look like they were having a tea party: Brewfest!

At 12:04 am, 4 minutes after Brewfest began, my initial Google search about Brewfest led me to Coren Direbrew. Myelae, Reporter, and myself were the only guildies at the time who were online, so we decided to head over to Blackrock Depths and check this guy out. Much to our dismay, we found out that Direbrew is NOT a 3-mannable boss. Not even close. I’m pretty sure that Borley is still hurting from getting a drill up his backside.

Later that night, Myelae got in a pug group that downed him successfully. She made a pretty cool video of that fight and posted it here. The next day, though, I did watch Myelae and our own Nenianae (Gweedo) join a group that downed him 5 times in a row with no problems at all. I like to call Nenianae our Hoofed Healer “Bad Ass Healer We Can’t Live Without”. The 2 of them rocked that out.

Lassirra over at The Hunter’s Mark has a great post and contest about Brewfest. Check it out – after you get your free beer outside of Ironforge, that is.