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Also see “The Many Toons of Mye”

One of my favorite reasons for rolling a hunter is well, because they have pets. I’ve had fun finding the ones that fit my playing style. It’s hard to find a good one that won’t get me killed or frustrate me to the point where I just abandon them. I know, you’re probably calling P.E.T.A. right now!

My favorite pet is the one who has stuck with me from the beginning, Sprinkles.



As soon as I got to level 10, she was my baby, a (then) level 9 Night Stalker in Teldrassil. She has leveled with me and died with me more times than I can count. She dinged 70 only a few hours after I did.

I started out as a marksman hunter, but after I dinged to 70, I switched to beast mastery, and Sprinkles has been tanking ever since. (Ever need a tank for Ramps, just send her an email. She would be thrilled.) I did tame some “throw away” pets just to teach Sprinkles some new tricks: Prowl from a shadow panther in SV, and Dash and Claw from Bangalash in SV.



My second pet was a happy surprise. I was trying to find a cute but strong tanking pet and after checking out Petopia, I settled on a ravager. I found a pretty (I know, I use words like pretty and cute, get over it) purple colored one (totally my favorite color) while questing in Blade’s Edge Mountains. It was the only purple colored one in a sea of not so cute colors, so I tamed her and named her Magenta.

I hopped on my Elekk (I hear Gweedo cringing now, but Elekks are….cute!) and traveled to my next questing spot, and when I dismounted, Magenta reappeared and she was now orange and red, much to my surprise. I found out later that every time she reappears, she changes colors. How cool is that? However, I am getting sick of people asking me on the days she feels like being orange and red why I named her Magenta.

My newest pet is Padfoot (Yes, I’m a Harry Potter fan). He’s a Dark Worg, and I am liking the “Furious Howl” buff. That will definitely be nice once he’s leveled.



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