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Is the Council of the Sword recruiting?

June 2, 2009

Yes! The Council Wants YOU!

We are an Alliance-based PvE guild.  We’re not heavily “into” any one thing in particular, but will try to support you in whatever areas of the game that you choose to participate as a member.  We have people in our guild who are questers, tradeskill freaks, PvPers, and even some who raid.  They all get along.  Imagine that.

We have a bank, a semi-cool tabard, active forums, a guild blog, and a Ventrilo server.  The Ventrilo server even works with Macs.  (But that means you have to listen to Mac users, so we’re still not 100% sure that’s a benefit because one of our Mac users really likes to talk a lot.  Oh wait.  That’s me.  Never mind.)

Our requirements are simple.  We don’t really care what race or class or spec your toon(s) is/are or how many alts you have or what level they are.  We do care that you conduct yourself in-game in a mature manner and work together with other guildmates for the common good of the guild. Reading, understanding and agreeing with our simple guild policies is also a pre-requisite for membership. Leeches, con artists, screaming children and drama majors will find themselves guildless quickly.  We simply don’t put up with it and make no apology for it.

If you’re interested, look for us in-game (/who Council Of The Sword) or drop me an in-game mail message or an e-mail.

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