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A Friendly Note From Your Bank Manager

March 24, 2009

bank-vault-doorGreetings!  My name is Greenbacks and I’m the gnome that manages the Council Of The Sword guild bank!  Judging from my records (and being a gnome, I keep very meticulous records) a lot of you are not aware of the services that our bank provides.  Unlike other banks that may be floundering at the moment, the Council Of The Sword bank is in no need of a bailout!

Actually, we have the opposite problem and that’s why I’m posting this important message for every Council member to read.  The bank wants to give you stuff… and I’m not just talking about a cheap set of steak knives!  Let me make a few points that you should feel free to withdraw.  Oh.  That was bad.

Deposits!  We Love ‘Em!

There is no other band of adventurers on Bloodhoof more generous than Council of the Sword!  But… that’s kind of our problem.  We are just about maxed out for space right now, even though I suspect we will be expanding soon!  In the mean time, let me make an “interest”ing suggestion.  (Oh, that was bad too.)   When you are going to deposit something into the guld bank, ask yourself “Would I want this item”?  If the answer is no, vendor it or sell it, and give us the money instead!  Another option is that you can mail items to me and say in the subject line that you want them disenchanted and sold for the guild.  The enchanting market has been very very good to us, and continues to be an excellent source of income for the guild.

What We Don’t Need More Of

At the present time, I have to ask you to slow down on potions, and I have to ask you to completely stop banking healing and mana potions.  We just don’t have room!  There are lots of friendly alchemists in our family.  Nenianae and Sweeneytod come to mind, and I’m sure there are others!  If you need a potion or an elixir, I’m sure either of these two can fix you up in no time at all!  We just have no room to store them in the bank.  Maybe when those skinflint consulars give me some more money, I can make a tab exclusively for potions.  That would be great!

Another thing we don’t need (and don’t want) are rare (purple) gems from the Shattrath area (i.e. Burning Crusade).  The new gems are easier to come by, more powerful, and the old ones cost exponentially more to refine.  While we appreciate the generosity of our guild family, these stones are apt to sit in the bank for a very long time, and there aren’t enough hours in the day for me to polish them all the time!

What We Want You To Take

If you come to visit the bank (and make it past Mr. Gweedo, our security guard) you might be astounded to see the wide variety of rare, exotic, and just plain useful items we have in our vault!  But that’s not the good news.  The good news is that they’re there for you to TAKE!  Right now, we have a ton of gem stones that some young practitioner of jewel crafting would be sure to love.  Take them!

And before you go to the auction house and buy gear, why not take a look in the guild bank first?  Quite honestly, we have materials coming into the guild bank faster than we have items being taken out.  It’s all there for you!  Don’t feel guilty about taking it, as long as you can use it!

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