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When The “/spit” Hits The Fan

February 23, 2009

In my ongoing quest to distract myself from getting my death knight to level 80, I decided to get the Fishing Diplomat achievement.

A couple nights ago, it was about 1AM, and I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to head to Orgrimmar, since it would probably be a ghost town. I planned out my route on how to get there, and rushed right in the front gate. A word of advice: You might want to know the layout of the city before you Rambo your way in there.

It was a ghost town, except for the guards that continued to chase me. I was running around like a troll with its head cut off, trying to find a place to fish. I ended up falling off of a ledge right in the middle of the city (I think near the bank). The few players who were online at the time were congregated right there, and began to give chase. I kept up on my horse until I ran into a dead end and had to turn around. When I did, you knew what happened. I got killed, came back as a zombie, and got killed again. That’s when NumbNuts (I’ll spare his or her real name for the sake of diplomacy) did their thing. All of a sudden, I see on my screen:

NumbNuts spits on you.
NumbNuts spits on you.
NumbNuts spits on you.

3 times, this level 28 BELF paladin spit on me. I immediately noticed that this toon’s name, Medtronic, was one I recognized. (Did I just give out their real name? Oops, I can’t seem to find the delete key.) The Medtronic that I know is a trademarked business name of a company that is a leading manufacturer of medical devices. As our pal Gweedo discusses, that’s a no-no according to Blizzard.

Did I report NumbNuts? (I’ll go back to their alter-ego to be respectful to the real Medtronic). You bet I did. I probably never would have noticed the name unless they spit on me—3 TIMES. All I was doing was trying to fish. My fishing pole was equipped. The real players who actually got a hit in on me didn’t do the same thing. They had respect, and I applaud them for it. This lowbie deserved getting reported. The next day, I talked to a GM. It was a straightforward conversation. “I understand you noticed someone who has violated our naming policies,” the GM said. I felt like I was giving a detailed police report of NumbNuts’ every little move, but I probably sounded more like a redneck on the 11 o’clock news to him, considering how excited I was. The GM’s reply was this, “I appreciate you bringing this to our attention. We assure you that we will investigate this complaint and take the appropriate action.”

So, Señor NumbNuts, how does it feel getting the nerf bomb dropped on your name? Oh, and I’m guessing that these people might not be too happy with you either, if Blizzard decides to look at everyone with that name. Or maybe they’ll just be pissed at me. Oh well. I didn’t spit on you.

*FYI, I did get the achievement quite easily. I resurrected, mounted up, and ran towards the pool, after looking at the map to see where it was. An interesting side note: As soon as my deathcharger’s feet hit the water, the guards turned around and ran back, leaving me in relative peace.

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