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Winter Veil has Arrived!

December 15, 2008

At 6am server time the Feast of Winter Veil rolls out across the WoW realms……and its my freakin’ favorite time of the year! 

Dive into the holiday spirit and /kiss a reveler, or complete one of the many Winter Veil quests during this multi-week long seasonal event. You can pick up a few of these quests from the folks of Smokywood Pastures, as well as Greatfather Winter himself in Ironforge.  And now is the time to stock up on a variety of that delectable Smokywood fare.

Last but not least, Winter Veil is the season for giving. As the  25th quickly approaches, take some time to get a little something for those who mean much to you on that special day. Winter Veil gifts don’t have to be rare drops or purple items. They can be as big or as small as you want. Gifts can be as simple as some health potions for that busy adventurer, or maybe even a zeppelin kit from the toy store in Dalaran. I believe, though, that nothing is as special as a hand-crafted gift. Please remember that, no matter what, its the thought that counts. And don’t forget on the 25th Greatfather Winter may have a little something under the tree for you /wink !


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