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Happy Turkey Day

November 25, 2008

The Council wishes you a Happy Turkey Day! In honor of that, make sure you get the Friend or Fowl achievement. It’s a blast.

The best place to earn this achievement is in the same place you do the Ransacked Caravan quest, just west of the Explorer’s League Outpost in the Howling Fjord. It’s a place where 3 roads come together.

I found out about the achievement by trying to do the Ransacked Caravan quest. I was trying to catch some turkeys when some Tauren Turkey was killing all of them. After yelling out “Stop killing my freaking turkeys!”, which I’m sure came out to him like “ROK TEK GLOK SCHMO MOK!”, my lovely wife reminded me that there was an achievement for killing a bunch of turkeys in 3 minutes. She completed it with ease by smiting them. It took me a little longer since pallys don’t have much in the way of ranged attacks.

So in honor of Turkey Day: Save a Tauren, kill a turkey.


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