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Exclusive Warcraft Cheat Codes and Secrets!

October 28, 2008

  • The Headless Horseman Mount: After passing 800 times on the Ring of Ghoulish Delight, type in /cry.
  • 20,000 Alliance PvP Honor Points: As soon as you enter your battleground, type /afk and walk away. Do this 20,000 times. Apparently, this one’s not such a secret, as it’s done way too often.
  • Pull off a one-shot on Murmur: Come back to Shadow Labs at level 90 after the third expansion, Wrath of Hello Kitty.
  • Free Succubus: If you can sit through the entire movie Succubus: Hell Bent without gouging your eyes out, you’ll receive a free limited edition Succubus doll. It was on Showtime the other day, and I lasted about 5 minutes. (Seriously though, the movie producers had to be WoW players, because the lead role had an eerie resemblance to the WoW pet). Oh yeah, BAD MOVIE ALERT: Gary Busey is in it!
  • For a good pick-me-up to make you feel better about your WoW skills, type this “/target Borley” then “/duel”.
  • For a free pirated copy of the new Warcraft movie, click here! Sorry, no subtitles.
  • Join the coolest guild in the world:Type in /gquit, then /w Borley “Hey, can I join your guys’ guild?”
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