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Council Policies

August 21, 2008
  • Remember to play by Semper Verus – always true; true to yourself, your guild mates and others.
  • At all times conduct yourself in a proper manner, for your actions reflect on the guild.
  • Minimize explicit language when in guild chat or in parties with guild members. This is a courtesy to our younger guild mates.
  • When crafting extra items do not offer them to guild members for profit. This also goes for extra equipment found when adventuring; share and share alike for it will be done with you as well.
  • Please assist others whenever possible, members and non-members alike.
  • Official CoTS Loot Policy: When dividing up loot with guild members, the in-game rolling system is standard. Greed should be rolled for all items. Need is ONLY to be rolled if the item in question is a needed recipe, an equipment upgrade etc. This applies to the current character being played and not an alt.
  • There is no minimum level requirement for consideration of entrance to the guild.
  • Recruiting is encouraged by all guild members, however only those of the rank of Page or higher may allow entrance into the guild. Please refer all interested parties to officers.
  • All new guild recruits must spend at least 2 weeks at the level of Aspirant.
  • Any member may recommend another for officer consideration.
  • Guild members to be considered for promotion as officer must have attained the 25th level, however reaching level 25 does not guarantee rise in rank.
  • The promotion or demotion of rank as well as guild dismissal lies at the discretion of the Consulars.
  • Any violations of Council policies must be reported immediately to an officer along with any evidence of the said violation (screenshots, chat logs etc). The notified officer must then conduct an initial investigation and send a report to a Consular.
  • Suggestions for policy additions and revisions must be made at the next guild or officer meeting and only by those in attendance. The suggestion must then be voted on by the current body of officers. Changes, if any, will then be instituted at the next guild or officer meeting.
  • NEVER refer to anyone, guild member or not, as a newbie or anything close to its many forms and uses.

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